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Seamless team integration

Computer-assisted translation

Application testing experiences


As a bilingual person (Hungarian-German), I made my first steps into the world of translation when I was about 19 years old. During seminars and conferences, I had the opportunity to test and develop my skills in written and spoken translation.

Over the years, I have had many influential experiences which have been shaped me both personally and professionally. These experiences have arisen from studying fields such as literature, social sciences, information technology and marketing management. As well as from work experiences in application testing, customer service, catering or my experience in the field of skill trainings, seminars as translator and assistant, language teaching. There is little doubt that I consider consistent continuing education and training as a bedrock principle, required in order to keep up with technology and domain knowledge.

Besides work and other personal interests, in my free time I love to spend time and discover new places with my daughter and my partner, listening to music (particularly to jazz), reading, riding my motorbike and photography.

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Szabolcs Lami

Szabolcs Lami

translator and interpreter

Phone and onsite interpretation; software and technical localization; business, multimedia, website, CMS and e-learning translation; transcription and proofreading

Small and mid-size businesses, large corporations, software companies, website developers, social services, private persons, translation agencies, socially disadvantaged

Adobe Framemaker™, InCopy™, InDesign™, PDF, PhotoShop™ and AuthorIT, DITA, FreeMind mind maps, HTML and HTML5, Microsoft Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint™, Visio™, MS Help™, OpenDocument, Scalable Vector Graphics, TMX files, Typo3 pages, XML, YAML etc.

What I Do

As a freelance translator and interpreter for the Hungarian, German and English language, I have positioned myself to serve clients from all over Europe and from various business areas. My work includes terminology research, multilingual project management, localization and so forth. I aim to be a reliable partner for large enterprises and for private clients alike, covering all translation and localization needs of each. Integration into complex company workflows and into the client’s teams is self-evident. Hence quality is kept consistent, project deadlines are respected and all information is kept in-house.

By pre-processing texts with computer aided translation tools, translation time and cost estimations can be more exact by quickly identifying high repetition rates or non-translatable items. Post-processing, final formatting, and DTP are used to ensure print-ready layout and the precise file format required, again minimizing customer effort after delivery.

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The prices depend on source and target languages, delivery deadlines, technicality of the text, total volume, one-time translation or ongoing project, source and target format etc.
To enable me to provide you with a personalized quote, you are kindly requested to send me as much information as possible on your requirements such as deadline, source and target languages, format of the documents and the text to be translated.

In producing a quote, I will analyze your texts and requirements and will contact you with an offer.

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